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What is a Film & Video Editor?

Film and video production is an exciting field with opportunities for creative and talented individuals. Opportunities abound, not only in the film industry, but in private enterprise.

Film and Video Editors are tasked with editing moving images on film, video, or other media. They may also edit or synchronize soundtracks with images, and collaborate with producers and directors to create the final product from imagery captured by camera equipment. On large films and productions, several film and video editors are employed simultaneously, making it a wonderful profession for advancement and collaboration.

Using media and electronic editing systems, Editors organize and piece together raw footage of moving images to make a continuous whole. They follow scripts to ensure that the finished piece matches the wishes of the director, producer, and writer. They trim film segments to length, select and combine the most effective shots or images, and assemble the images in sequence, using film, audio files, or videotape to insert music and other sound.

The best way to explore an interest in this field in college, is to join the college radio or television station, take courses in film and editing, and seek opportunities to secure internships in television and radio.

Click here to see the top 25 Film schools of 2016. Florida’s own, Florida State University was ranked #24.

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Maite HalleyWhat is a Film & Video Editor?