Our College Prep Services

How We Connect You with Complete College Opportunities

As one of the single, most influential decisions facing today’s young people, having a professional college counselor on your side provides more than peace of mind – it also helps maximize opportunity and value.

We’re committed to providing you a dedicated college advisor who will be with you every step of the college planning process.  We offer several services to help your student be prepared for tests and the college planning process.

When a family comes here,  we help them with their college planning, affordability, discerning careers, and try to figure out a little bit about what career path the student may want to lean towards.

College Application Process – Miami, FL

Created for students aiming to “fine-tune” their college-application process.

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Early Advising College Prep | Your School & College Connector in Miami, FL

Early planning prepares the way to an optimal high school experience.

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Comprehensive College Planning – Miami, FL

Designed for the 11th & 12th grad student who wishes to fully optimize a college selection & application strategy.

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