Tutoring and Test Prep – Miami, FL

Tutoring services designed to help the student achieve success in their test.

What tutoring programs we offer?

Our tutoring programs are important because the student needs to feel comfortable in school and in their classes.

Sometimes in school, a student may not be getting the individualized attention or understanding of their needs.

I write to you to express my deepest gratitude for your help throughout the college application process for our daughter. She has been accepted to 12 of our “top choice” colleges, and she has chosen to attend Yale University! Your help was instrumental in guiding us through this intricate process and keeping us from missing deadlines. Your constant reinforcement and follow-up were invaluable. The discipline, knowledge, and experience you brought gave us the platform to apply to the colleges of our dreams. It is without reservation that I recommend your services to anyone who wants to give their child the best tools to apply to any college they aspire to attend. – Mother of Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High Student

The best part?

A student may need a little bit of help to move forward and feel more relaxed in school. Tutoring can help make the student feel more comfortable with the material that they are studying in school, help them understand better, practice more, and do well in tests or subject area. This is another area we specialize in.

What is Subject Tutoring?

Subject tutoring will help prep the student for SAT subject tests.  When a student has trouble with different subjects in school. They come to us for subject tutoring, subject exams, advanced placement exams, or they want to understand the material better. We have certified educators who come here to tutor who are looking to help each student do better.

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