ISEE & SSAT Testing – Miami, FL

Your School & College Connector serves as an Official SSAT Flex and ISEE Testing Center.

The SSAT Flex and ISEE test are individually proctored exams offered on any date other than the national test dates.

What is the ISEE?

ISEE Students may register to take the ISEE up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle with certain restrictions. The ISEE is offered for students entering 5th-12th grades. Special accommodations are available but the request must be sent to ERB during the registration process at least four weeks prior to the scheduled testing date. To schedule, an appointment, contact us at (786) 372-TEST or All fees are paid directly to ERB. Testing is available by appointment only.

What is the SSAT Flex?

The SSAT Flex can only be taken once a calendar year and is offered for students currently in 5th-11th grade. Special accommodations are available but the request must be made prior to registering for the test (Approval may take up to two weeks). To schedule, an appointment, call us at (786) 372-TEST or An administration fee will be charged by our office on the test date. This fee is in addition to the fee charged by SSATB upon registration.

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