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Making the Best of Your Summer

As the school year is coming to an end, I’m sure you hear “What are you doing this summer?” often.  This break from school is not only for relaxing on the beach or hanging out with friends, it’s also a time to pursue some interests and maybe even make some money.  Plus, these activities can help you learn about the world outside of school as well as show colleges and employers that you are motivated and eager to contribute more than just academically.

Find activities that are both enjoyable and useful for you.  Doing more than one activity during the summer is acceptable but be sure not to overwhelm yourself.  After all it is summer and you should enjoy it!

Here are some ideas for having a productive summer:

Get a job or internship – Jobs like a camp counselor and lifeguard can earn you some money as well as show employers or colleges that you are not just sitting around during the summer months. Internships closely related to your career interests show your passion and will help enhance your college application.

Summer Camps – This not your average summer camp geared towards elementary schools kids but camps specifically created for high school students. Many have a unique focus such as academic, career interests, sports, wilderness skills, etc.

Volunteering – Giving back to your community and working towards the greater good are always a good idea. Choose volunteer work that relates to some of your interests. Be consistent while choosing a place to volunteer.

Hobbies or Talents – A commitment and/or outside interest to a particular activity is a great way of showing you passion and dedication. Your passion doesn’t have to be academic, it can be as simple as playing the drums, sewing, yoga, etc. Perhaps you could combine hobbies and volunteering and teach a group of kids to play the drums!

Take a Class – Taking classes at your high school, community college, online or an academic program at a local university will help you stay on track while in high school or prepare you for college.

Summer is a time to relax and regroup but make it count also!

Maite HalleyMaking the Best of Your Summer

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