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Have you heard of Test-Optional Colleges?

Over 900 colleges and universities in the United States today have test-optional colleges, according to FairTest.  That means that you can apply WITHOUT sending those dreaded SAT or ACT test scores. In fact, half of the “top 100” national liberal arts colleges do not require test scores.

Colleges that have eliminated this requirement report that they were able to predict the success of their students just with their GPA’s. Test scores only add a modest improvement on their ability to predict student success. By eliminating test requirements they have expanded the types of students applying including some that may have held back from applying only because of their scores.

Examples of these colleges are Wake Forest (NC), Allegheny (PA), Trinity (CT), DePaul (IL), Clark (MA), Manhattanville (NY), Rollins (FL), American (DC), and Pitzer (CA).

For many students, this is good news! These tests are universally dreaded and make our students anxious for many reasons. It helps them to know that many places will not require a score submission. They can enjoy their high school years instead of over worrying about these tests.

Maite HalleyHave you heard of Test-Optional Colleges?