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College Visits: Four Reasons Not To Skip Out

College visits! Yay – one of the most exciting parts of the application process. They can also be time-consuming and expensive. There are just as many to go as to stay.

However, college visits are an experience you shouldn’t skip when you’re in the crucial college application process.

Here are four vital tips and reasons to go:

  1. A Brochure Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story
    There is no substitute for seeing a campus in person. Not only can you see classrooms and dorms in person, but you can explore student activities, Greek Life, sports programs, and visit the local town.
  2. Check the Academic Calendar to Plan Your Trip
    Avoid visiting during Homecoming, or other special events. Visiting during regular semester days will give you the most realistic indication of campus life. It is also give you the best opportunity to speak to students, faculty, and university departments.
  3. Bring Questions
    This is the ideal time to speak to as many people as you can. Bring a list of questions for students, faculty, and administrative departments. Ask the same questions at every college visit. This will allow you to compare differences between institutions.
  4. Final Decisions Happen in Person
    Ultimately, a college visit can help you make that final important decision. When two universities are so closely matched in your mind, because of reputation, location, or program quality, that in-person perspective can be the deciding factor you’ve been missing.
Maite HalleyCollege Visits: Four Reasons Not To Skip Out

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