Maite Halley

The 5 Essential Steps to Miami College Prep

With over 30 colleges to choose from in Miami Dade county and 2400 around the country… …Interviews, essays, and student loans… Plus the big question… What should I do for a living? College preparation can be a lot to take in. That is why we decided to help out by sharing our experience guiding hundreds

College Visits: Four Reasons Not To Skip Out

College visits! Yay – one of the most exciting parts of the application process. They can also be time-consuming and expensive. There are just as many to go as to stay. However, college visits are an experience you shouldn’t skip when you’re in the crucial college application process.

What is a Film & Video Editor?

Film and video production is an exciting field with opportunities for creative and talented individuals. Opportunities abound, not only in the film industry, but in private enterprise.

What is a Health Services Administrator?

A Health Services Administrator will oversee an entire health-care facility like a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility. A group of physicians or other type of medical practice would also need a Health Services Administrator to manage the group or to manage departments within a larger health-care facility. Duties might include: Being in charge

Hello FAFSA!

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now available for the 2017-2018 school year. When you complete this form online, it is sent to the colleges you indicate and they use the information to determine the financial aid package they will offer you. You can find the form by clicking here. To complete the

Have you heard of Test-Optional Colleges?

Over 900 colleges and universities in the United States today have test-optional colleges, according to FairTest.  That means that you can apply WITHOUT sending those dreaded SAT or ACT test scores. In fact, half of the “top 100” national liberal arts colleges do not require test scores. Colleges that have eliminated this requirement report that

What’s Your Story?

If you have’t done so already, it is time start thinking about your essay/personal statement for your college application. This is an opportunity to the them what you are about. Both the Common App and Coalition App have multiple essay topics to choose from. Don’t forget to consult with each college’s website to get more information