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Maria B. (Maite) Halley is the Founder and an independent consultant and college counselor at Your School & College Connector in Miami, Florida. She has over 20 year’s experience in working in secondary schools. While working at the secondary school, she taught and ran test programs for advanced placement programs and college counseling in the high school. That was where she was introduced in this phase of students’ lives. She loved it so much she wanted to start a private setting, rather than an in a school. She love’s helping kids in high school who are right on the edge of figuring out who they are, plan for new adventures and become successful after their education.


Our goal is to help the family find the best educational fit for their student. Whether it’s college or high school. We want the kids to feel comfortable when they come in and when they take the test.  Our experienced team of college counselors’ is looking out for each student and doing it in a focused and fun environment

The Benefit Of Our Services

Your School & College Connector is best known for our services and working individually with students’ in small groups. That is why we are purposefully not a large company and are here locally in Miami. We’ve had families come back with a sibling or a student for tutoring.

The reason they come here is that of the service we give is child-centered and teenager centered service with a personalized and relaxed approach.

Maite Halley


We are proud when we have kids who move on from college to successfully doing whatever it is they want to do. Whether it’s going off to medical school, being a journalist or working at their father’s company. They’ve found something that they love to do. When we see, the student succeed and become adults who are happy with themselves. That makes us very proud.


For more information about Your School & College Connector college counseling and tutoring services call (786) 372-8378 or e-mail us at info@yourcollegeconnector.com

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